SME loan is a process of loan repayment and recovery in which underprivileged poor people can take the institutional loan free of cost. This loan is used in various activities of family income generating activities and afterward, it is possible to pay these on the basis of installments.

The institutional credit facility of such businesses and entrepreneurs under the Shakti SME program is given to any person outside the center/group (male/female) who does not fall under the target group of micro-credit related to the center of Shakti, and there is no scope to go to banks or other institutions.

Presently, Shakti Foundation is operating an SME program through its 35 branches in 9 districts.

Purpose of the SME Loan

SME loan is one of the many development programs implemented by the Shakti Foundation. All activities that help in poverty eradication are covered under this loan program; the main purposes are:

  1. To fulfill the requirements of loans for Shakti members.
  2. Supporting the expansion of business by meeting the needs of potential small entrepreneurs’ (production, industry, and business) capital.
  3. To help businessmen/ entrepreneurs to increase their income by providing loans in accordance with the requirement of suitable conditions in the appropriate field.
  4. Creating employment opportunities through innovation and expansion of new business. Creating opportunities for women, especially women who are not able to do business.
  5. Contributing to the national economy by ensuring timely loan assistance in small and medium-level businesses, creating a greater number of entrepreneurs, and ensuring the production and service of quality products through the efficient use of local resources.